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A public lecture is one means employed for educating the public in the arts and sciences. The Royal Institution has a long history of public lectures and demonstrations given by prominent experts in the field. In the 19th century, the popularity of the public lectures given by Sir Humphry Davy at the Royal Institution was so great that the volume of carriage traffic in Albemarle Street caused it to become the first one-way street in London. The Royal Institution's Christmas Lectures for young people are nowadays also shown on television. Alexander von Humboldt delivered a series of public lectures at the University of Berlin in the winter of 1827–1828, that formed the basis for his later work Kosmos.

Besides public lectures, public autopsies have been important in promoting knowledge of medicine. The public autopsy of Dr. Johann Gaspar Spurzheim, advocate of phrenology, was conducted after his death, and his brain, skull, and heart were removed, preserved in jars of alcohol, and put on display to the public. Public autoposies have sometimes verged on entertainment: American showman P. T. Barnum held a public autopsy of Joice Heth after her death. Heth was a woman whom Barnum had been featuring as being over 160 years old. Barnum charged 50 cents admission. The autopsy demonstrated that she had in fact been between 76 and 80 years old.

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Justice Sai explains why A-G is to blame for Afoko's legal pickle

Joy Online 17 Jul 2019
Law lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Justice Srem Sai, has blamed the Attorney-General for the widely-condemned treatment of Gregory Afoko ... The GIMPA law lecturer has admonished the A-G to be responsive and speak to the public on the matter....

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens dies at age 99

Statesville Record & Landmark 17 Jul 2019
More than three decades later, Stevens publicly declared his opposition to capital punishment, saying that years of bad court decisions had overlooked ... Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens speaks at a lecture presented by the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Ark....

Fillies and films: Museum presents leisure lecture series

C&G News 16 Jul 2019
Well, historians like to kick up their heels from time to time too, and that’s what the Birmingham Museum is doing with its next two lectures at the Baldwin Public Library ... The lectures are free and open to the public ... The Baldwin Public Library is located at 300 W....

‘Early policies prevented India from becoming a military state’

The Times of India 16 Jul 2019
Prof Wilkinson was speaking at IIM-Ahmedabad as part of JSW School of Public Policy lecture series. During his lecture, he took the audience through Congress’ early efforts to avoid the pitfalls of British Raj by stressing on diversity in the armed forces, division of internal and ......

Got a business idea? Come apply at the MINT

Rutland Herald 16 Jul 2019
Those eager to start their own business can now apply for some added help from Rutland’s “makerspace.” ... Aug ... The program will also facilitate a business lecture series which is free to attend by members of the public ... The hope is those who aren’t chosen will also attend these lectures and perhaps make use of the MINT if they’re not already ... .......

Remembering a local veteran

Eagle-Tribune 16 Jul 2019
HAVERHILL — Love to talk about books? Join the public library's Get Lit Book Club, a social book club designed for 20-and 30-something readers in the greater Haverhill area ... to 4 p.m ... Admission is free and the public is invited. Sit on on a lecture, enjoy demonstrations, type on vintage manual typewriters and have a chance to try out and purchase one....

Register now for KACL's free intergenerational day camp

Kingsport Times-News 15 Jul 2019
The free event is sponsored by the Kingsport Alliance for Continued Learning (KACL), a continuing education program offered through a partnership with East Tennessee State University at Kingsport to provide adults, regardless of educational background or age, opportunities to attend stimulating courses, lectures and special events....

COMMENTARY: Why not just ban everything?

Observer Dispatch 15 Jul 2019
A few years ago I heard a professor condemn book-banning in a public lecture. She condemned Christian sects and their ilk in hillbilly country because they wanted to ban books from school libraries. Books on homosexuality, for instance.An audience member asked if she and her ilk would ever do the same ... ....

7th Edition Of National CSR And Partnership Conference Held 

Modern Ghana 15 Jul 2019
The Conference will focus on harnessing local partnership among stakeholders, for CSR and Sustainability projects and causes. Dr. Mrs. Jemima Nunoo, a lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration speaking at the conference said CSR needed to be integrated into the overall busines ... ....

Taking heart and cutting risks

Journal Online 15 Jul 2019
Smoking remains a worldwide public health problem because it is very difficult for smokers to quit and smoking cessation medications have limited effectiveness ... Farsalinos concluded his lecture by framing tobacco-harm reduction in the context of public health benefit....

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